From an initial loads-analysis, all the way through to after-sales service operations, we specialize in all stages of a running rigging project, whether it is for a performance cruiser, luxury yacht or grand-prix racer.

We believe that the key factors to a project’s success lay in its initial stages, which is why we work alongside her owner, captain, designer, mast & sail-makers as a team and getting involved in the decision making to make sure all technical aspects of the separate areas ll work well together.

This means you’ll only get ropes which are tailor made to meet your -and the yacht’s- specific needs.

Continuous technical research, superior craftmanship and seamless efficiency are an inherent part of our work process.
Top-performing ropes and swift delivery are the results.

By working with Soluzioni Tessili Rigging, you can rest assured that you’ll get solutions you can trust and the peace of mind of having a specialized team of expert technicians and craftsmen that have your back in every phase of your projects.

The Team

Gabriele Bacigalupo

Founder & CEO

Matteo Silva

Engineering Dept.

Lorenzo Macchiavello

Technical Dept.

Nicola Pellegrini

Project manager

Mega yachts 

Silvia Ugo


Laura Foto.jpg
Laura Garibaldi


Giorgio Moschella

Technical Dept.

Foto Guillaume.jpeg
Guillaume Berenger

              Project manager                France


LP Rigging

Luca Perna

NDT Rigging

Fabio Moncalli

Cristian Gotelli

Cristian Gotelli