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Tp52: a yacht... special!

Soluzioni Tessili Rigging is proud to work with the team "Freccia Rossa", a beautiful Tp52 of the owner Vadim Yakimenko, who won the World Championship ORC!

The boats of this type are our specialty; require the best products and great experience, but a continual search to customization, achievable only through listening to all needs, always changing, crew, technicians and suppliers.

Our products are made custom, in order to optimize the yield on the particular deck equipment on these boats:

  • Core: are different depending on the job they have to perform.

  • Cover: many varieties, also on the same maneuver with different mechanical characteristics so as to improve the resistance to static or dynamic friction, slow or fast (who develop high temperatures), or the "grip" on the stopper and winch etc ... are spliced so as to reduce friction to a minimum and the possibility of breakage in time.

  • Resins: these are also different in order to obtain more or less rigidity, UV resistance, water resistance, or special colors for easy recognition.

  • Diameter: this characteristic can be varied on the maneuvering in case of need: simple as the tails of the runners made by hand, but also more complex built directly by braiding (machined tapering) for the very long halyards, to optimize the weights and friction.

Our congratulations to the crew Vadim Yakimenko, the Orc2016 World Champion:

Guillarme Berenger, Frederic Brousse, Benjamin Enon, Francois Doguet, Jean-Philippe Gallois, Sergei Mamotov, Mikael Mergui, Christian Ponthieu, Cedric Pouligny, Mikhail Semenov, Augustin Vendenhove, Francois Verdier and Amil Yudaev

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