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Vendée Globe 2020

Sailing solitary around the world is already an insanely hard task by itself, but doing it as fast as you can and keeping your wits and focus for almost 3 months straight takes it to a whole different level.

We stared our partnership with Clemént Giraud when he was preparing for the Route du Rhum, for which he tragically couldn't participate due to a fire on the boat just prior to the departure forcing him to find a new boat for the upcoming Vendée Globe.

With incredible tenacity and thanks to the help of friends and sailing comunity, he managed to get the boat, but now the countown to the start of the race was incredibly close, and the job list of things to do to get it race-ready was still long.

Being technical sponsors and advisors for one of these extraordinary sailors is a major responsability and an important challenge, which we took on with pride and enthusiasm. We must put sailors in the conditions of being fast and therefore competitive, but never forget that the main goal is to make it back home in one piece. This is why our main focus was to find the best mix of materials and finishes to obtain high performance, but very reliable gear for this unique challenge.

Delivering a fully customized set of RUNNING and STANDING rigging for an IMOCA 60 is not a trivial task and with such a tight deadline there is no margin for error. Fortunately the joint effort between Clemént's team, our suppliers and ourselves was great and so we managed to finish the job in record-time to meet the deadline.

Now you can follow him and Jiliti while they sail through the southern seas and back again to the Atlantic ocean on his first attempt one of the pinnacle challenges of offshore navigation.

Follow the link to the official website:

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